My latent ADHD is manifesting as an intolerance for the slowness of the .NET inner loop, specially when reality is more like:

  1. Write some C# (fun)
  2. Build (not fun, MSBuild is 🐢)
  3. Run (kinda fun, but in reality this means getting your program to the right state which is repetitive and loses novelty after the first run)
  4. Debug (Bash your head onto your keyboard until you understand what’s wrong)
  5. Enlightenment 🔥
  6. Go to 1

To soothe myself, I will explore ways to improve it. I will even leave .NET to see what greener pastures are out there.

In my ideal world, programming does involve a REPL. I want to be able to:

  1. Start my long running program that waits for I/O (requests, clicks, key strokes, etc…)
  2. Redefine functions in the running program so that the program state in memory isn’t lost.
  3. Not have the program restart when a change is maded (at least most of the time, some changes do require a restart)

Most hot reload systems have an element of resarting the whole process, which defeats the purpose of it all.

Webpack Hot Module Reload

This is pretty good, though the way I have it set up will result in a page reload instead of a diff being applied when I edit my TypeScript React.

It does work for CSS, which makes editing stylesheets quite fun.

I do not know if its possible to make this not reload the page when code is changed.

C# Hot Reload

The list of edits that cause a program restart is quite large: